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Tiny Piano is a fun and easy piano for iPhone, iPod, and iPad. It's the easiest way to play piano. Get it now on the App Store!

When playing a song, touch anywhere on the piano to play the next note. You are responsible for the timing and rhythm, so you can choose to play fast or slow.

Lots of amazing songs:

We also have song packs available for in-app purchase. You can play songs from popular artists like Bruno Mars, The Beatles, Coldplay, Ray Charles, and more!

If you enjoy playing, leave us a ★★★★★ rating and tell us what songs you'd like us to add!

We think Tiny Piano is the coolest iPhone/iPad piano around, and we hope you'll agree. :-)



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User Reviews

“BRAVO to this App and its creators!”

“What a great app! My 97 yr old father is having a ball with this!”

“I have ADHD which I guess messes with my ability to concentrate on piano numbers and keys. This app simplifies it so much and doesn't move until you do which I love and it has many free songs which most apps don't have! It's perfect for children as well.”

“This app is amazing... I use it every day!!!!!”

“I love it! My family thinks I know how to play the piano!!!!”

“This is the best app ever! I could not believe until I actually tried it. Thanks for such a great app.”

“Great intro to piano for kids of all ages. App seems to always perform well. Anyone can look like a pro with the piano. I like to just goof around with all the great old piano songs available.”

“This app is so great. I loved it. Makes me feel so good every time I play it. This game relaxes me and is great to play whenever you are bored.”

“Awesome. Love it & my grandkids love it too. Thx. Can't wait for more.”

“Fantastic little piano! Amazed my wife with my musical talents.”

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Tiny Piano was created by Ron B. Yeh, and launched in February 2012. The app has over 9 million downloads, and has reached the #1 spot for music apps in 40 countries! People love us, and have given us many 5-star reviews. Check out our blog or find us on Facebook.

The app was created using the Sparrow Framework. We created the art with Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.

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